Fun With TENS and Microphone

I thought we were just going to be social and not wind up playing at all. Then one thing led to another and I had a naked fishy on the rack! Yea me! Now fishy had just had a rather rough night the night before so I had a nice time planned for fishy…Unfortunately I forgot the baby oil…and the low temp candles…and the Vibe Master 2000. So instead I was mean to her and used mean clothes pins, hot candles and my TENS unit…*smirk* sorry fishy, so much for your nice happy time.

One moment I have a suffering tormented naked fishy before me, the next a gigglening, drooling puddle of fishyness. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life.

Of course I didn’t stop, nonono, took out the TENS unit and turned on the microphone and tickled her until her zapped herself with her laughing. It was a special moment…


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