Up Your Ass With A Violet Wand

“Listen up, slut. This violet wand is about to go up your ass. Why do you think you’ve got the gag on?”

ts girl ella hollywood fucked up the ass with an electric probe that stiffens her pecker

From Ella Hollywood Gets Fucked at Kink Unlimited.

Electric Orgasm Machine

You just plug her in and turn on the juice. She’d scream, but the electrode in her mouth makes that impractical. After a few dozen orgasms, she becomes very biddable indeed:

machine for bondage orgasms by electricity

Artwork is probably German.

Maximally Zapped Nurse Nipples

The interrogation electricity is turned to maximum, but these nurses (and their nipples) are made of stern stuff. They aren’t quite ready to talk!

interrogating nurses with nipple electricity zapping

From National Lampoon.

Electric Fried Nipple Interrogation

electric fried nipple interrogation

This is a screenshot from a Japanese sadism movie called Pain Gate.

Up Her Butt With A Live Cattle Prod

From Kinky Delight:

stun gun electrosex

The Nipple Connection

nipple wired for an electric shock

“I want to feel more connection with you in our sex life,” she said.

“I can make that happen!” he replied with an evil grin.

Image is from Infernal Restraints.

Electro-Hot Labia

Begging will not save her tender pussy lips from the sizzling cattle prod:

menacing her labia with an energized cattleprod

shocking her pussy with a cattle prod

From the Dofantasy sex comic Dark Vengeance IV, by the artist Fernando.

Ben Franklin’s Shocking Kisses

From Twitter we learn that Ben Franklin invented some sort of electric-shock kissing machine during his experiments with electricity:


Benjamin Franklin had couples perform an electrical kiss so “when their lips approach, they will be struck and shockt.”

Hot Twat: The Electric Persuader

This is a scene from Suzy In Bondage, by Robert Jenkins. Suzy and her husband unwisely incurred some gambling debts to a gangster, and now it’s time for her to pay them off with her ass:

“Remember what I told you, honey? That you were going to entertain my guests. Well, I’ve got some, uh … associates coming in from the East. They’re gonna like that sweet little body of yours.”

Sue paled. “I won’t do it!” she said flatly. “I don’t care if you threaten to tell my father about me or not. I’m not going to be used any more!”

Hammer’s eyebrows raised menacingly. “Oh?” Then he turned to the door. “Bring it in, Hank,” he ordered.

Hank came through the door, pushing a heavy metal table mounted on wheels. There were straps dangling from either end of it.

“Lie down,” Hammer ordered the girl.

“No … I won’t!”

There was no doubt in Sue’s mind that Hammer wanted to strap her to the table. Her skin crawled at the thought of being at his mercy.

“Hank …”

“No!” Sue shrieked as the two big men wrestled her up onto the table.

Hank took the opportunity to cup one of her tits in his meaty hand. Sue shuddered at his touch.

She was quickly strapped down, her hands over her head, her ankles bound to the lower end of the metal table, far apart, so that her thighs gaped open. Cool air washed over the girl’s naked cunt. She realized how vulnerable her crotch was.

“Now … tell me again you won’t do what I say,” Hammer said amusedly.

Stubborn anger flared in Sue’s eyes. “I won’t. I won’t let you make me into a whore for your … your associates!”

Smiling, Frank took a metal rod from his coat pocket. It was about an inch and a half thick and two feet long. Wires trailed from one end. The other end was rounded off smoothly.

“This, my sweet little Suzy, is something the French used when they were in Algeria. It was a magic wand that made people do whatever the French wanted them to do. They would betray their friends, tell secrets, promise to be good in the future. The French used it on men, women, old people, even little children. It was very effective. I’ve always wanted to see just how effective.”

“What … what are you going to do with that thing?” Sue gasped. She stared in fascination at the innocent-looking metal rod.

“Stuff it up your cunt and turn on the juice,” Hammer said. “I understand the affects are … electrifying.” He laughed loudly.

“You … you wouldn’t!”

“I would!” Hammer snapped back. “Unless you agree to give your precious little body to whomever I say.”

“No! I won’t!” Sue said desperately. “I can’t let you turn me into a … into a thing!”

She believed, she hoped, Hammer was only bluffing. Sue looked toward Glenda for help. Certainly such a fine-looking woman wouldn’t let something like this happen to another woman right in front of her!

But Sue was in for a shock, in more ways than one. “She’s a stubborn little bitch,” Glenda said coldly. “Here, Frank … let me do it.”

There was no sign of mercy in Glenda’s face. All Sue saw there was an inexplicable hate. “Get Hank out of the room,” Glenda said.

Hammer ordered the obviously disappointed Hank to leave.

“Please don’t,” Sue whispered to Glenda.

But Glenda slid the rod up between the cringing girl’s thighs. Sue flinched away from the cold metal.

“It helps if you put a little grease on it,” Hammer said. “Makes it conduct better.”

The grease was smeared on. “Uuuuuhhhhhh,” Sue grunted as Glenda started shoving the cold metal rod up into her cunt.

She writhed and twisted on the table, but the rod went in easily. So far the only pain she felt was from the leather straps cutting into her wrists and ankles.

The rod even felt a little good up inside her cunt as it slowly warmed from her body heat. Sue was afraid she was once again going to shame herself by reacting sexually.

But she never had time. Glenda plugged the other end of the trailing wiring into a wall socket.

“Let’s give the little bitch a light jolt to make her realize we mean business,” Glenda said coldly. She flicked a switch in the base of the rod.

“AAAAIIIIYYYYYYY!” Sue shrieked.

It felt as if a thousand tiny claws were ripping at the inside of her cunt. Her whole pelvic area spasmed. Glenda turned off the power.

“Does that give you an idea?” Glenda asked, smiling thinly.

Sue lay panting on the tabletop. Her whole body was trembling with shock. Never before in her life had anything hurt her so much.

“Why … why do you want to do this horrible thing to me?” she asked the beautiful woman bending down over her.

Only Glenda wasn’t beautiful at the moment. Her face was twisted into an ugly mask of hate. “I detest you spoiled little rich bitches,” she snarled. “Always getting the best and the most. Treating other kids like dirt. Not even speaking to what you call ‘poor white trash’. Jesus. Smirking little princesses like you helped make my life miserable a long time ago. Until I learned how soft and gutless you are.”

Sue was stunned. Hammer suddenly asked her if she was going to do as he asked.

“I hate you, you slimy toad!” she burst out in one last spasm of courage.

“Why … you little slut!” Hammer reached over and twisted a dial in the base of the rod. Glenda pushed the switch.


It was ten times worse than the first. She hadn’t thought anything could be more agonizing than what had happened before, but she had been wrong. Her lithe young body twisted and writhed on the tabletop. Every muscle and tendon stood out starkly.

They left the current on a long time. When they finally turned it off, Sue was half-unconscious.

“That was about quarter-power,” Glenda said. “I hear that in Chile, they sometimes get it up to about half-power before the victim’s cunt is ruined forever.”

That did it. Sue might have been able to take more pain. But the thought of being permanently mutilated was too much. She’d do as Hammer demanded. She might be able to escape later.

“Please! Don’t do it again!” she babbled. “I’ll do anything you say!”

Glenda smiled. “Let’s test her, Frank,” she said with a tight smile. “Let her up.”

Making Her Dance

increase the voltage to make her dance

Electrifying His Junk

testicles shocked

Stun-Gunning Her Titties

These stills are from the movie Whiplash by ZFX Video:

stun gun to the nipple of a gagged girl

shocking her breasts with a hand-held taser