Chanta Rose’s Cattle Prod

Here’s an interesting tidbit about a bondage photo shoot, Chanta Rose, and a cattle prod:

Chanta put me in some Chinese bondage that involved quite a bit of rope. The chest harness and breast bondage was out of this world! We were in the back of the boiler room, and I was tied with my arms behind my back and my knees apart. So, the shoot began with some difficult bondage, a difficult position, Chanta and me. At our crazy business again.

The first thing Chanta pulls out is a cattle prod. Now, just for the record- I let Chanta do things to me that no one else is allowed to do to me. But I trust her. So I just went with it. I remember thinking at the time that it really hurt, but I think it was mostly scary. I would do it again, for her, but I don’t think I’m going to develop a cattle prod fetish or anything…


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