Monster With A TENS Unit

A little while later I hear B screaming and crying and she only makes those sounds for one thing…The Violet Wand! (duh duh DUH!) So T and L and B and Hilz are getting zapped and I’m enjoying myself for awhile then I saddle up to L and ask her if she wants to try my TENS unit, after a moments hesitation she bites her lip and says “yes”…GOD I couldn’t wait to hurt her.

I grab my EurosTek 503R and I walk her over the social area sat her down in a metal chair and hooked her nipples up the power box. I love my 503R, it is the ultimate “Lazy Dom” device. I hook up the subject and just push buttons and they writhe and scream…oh what FUN! So I start to zap the shit out of her and she loves it. She’s starting to grind back and forth on the chair and breath deep and moan and her eyes are rolling back and the Monster is saying YUM!

I’m zapping her and zapping her and then I decide to pull her hair and choke her a little and that is SO much fun. I’m missing my girls at this point, I have mimi come over and sit beside me and I call over hilz. She comes bouncing over and I give her the TENS remote. “Push a button” I tell her. “Any one I want?” she asks. I just smile. Of course she presses “3” which is the highest intensity setting…she is such a good girl. We start tag teaming L pulling her hair, choking her, pulling on her nipples and beating on her tits. It was a HOT, grand old time. Now we know that she’s hot to cum so we make her straddle hilz’s leg and MD and I start in on her with more of the same…choking, slapping, shocking, grinding, fingers down the throat, whipping the tits…then we made her beg for her orgasm. All in all a very special moment.


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