Shocking Herself With A Cattle Prod

How obedient is she? Obedient enough to shock herself with a cattle prod when she’s told to do so:

she shocks herself with a cattle prod on command

Via Bondage Blog.

Neon Wand Accessory Kit

Hey, do you have a Neon Wand? If not, get one! But if you already have one, you may be interested in the new Neon Wand accessory kit that just came out:

neon wand accessory kit

Breast Shock Interrogation

an electric interrogation of her boobs

A TENS On The Nipples: Safe?

Good safety information on electrosex play is very hard to find. Who’s going to do the science? Who’s going to go out on a liability limb for perverts? Nobody. So, what we get is precautionary rules-of-thumb that have the status of holy writ, even though they are based on… well, nobody really knows.

The post I’m linking to is an attempt to do better: to use actual science to figure out what’s safe in above-the-waist electrical play. How good is the result? Well, you’ve got to decide that for yourself, as do we all. Speaking only for myself, I feel that I know more for having read it:

TENS above the waist

Here’s a quote:

Here’s the thing. We’ve all heard the “rule” that you should never play with electricity above the waist. Some people are quite vehement about it.

On the other hand, I’ve never actually heard of above-the-waist electro-play, at least not using electro-stim or TENS units, killing anyone, or even putting them in danger. Medical supply outfits routinely sell TENS (transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation) units for pain relief, and folks put the electrodes in all sort of places, mostly well above the waist. Nobody appears to have ever died from this.

Since for the most part, when we talk of electro-play, we’re really talking about TENS units or electro-stim units that work on fundamentally the same principle, this seems to fly in the face the oft-quoted advice. Somehow, if there was, I’d expect that somewhere along the line, at least some of the vast numbers of vanillas with a TENS unit and no clue about electricity or physiology would have managed to fry themselves by now.

Science and math follow. From the conclusion:

Short of stabbing probes into your flesh, you’re not going to get a heart-stopping current from a TENS unit, no matter where you put the electrodes. And it’s probably going to get too painful to take before that happens.

Again, not endorsing the conclusion; only you can make life/death decisions for yourself. But there’s a good chance that if you read this, you’ll be better informed than you were before.

Wired Up Like A Lab Animal

A story on Naked Protesters let me to these photographs of a performance art piece in which a girl let herself be treated to all sorts of humiliations in the cause of animal rights. Among these was a headband connected to a bunch of fake electrical wiring which, if it were more plausible, might be of greater interest to electrosex fans:

electrical wires connected to her head

gagged medical experimentation girl

Mark Davis Zaps Her

First he tells her what he’s gonna do to her:

Mark Davis explains she\'s about to get a big electric shock

Then, he does it:

Mark Davis zaps a bondage girl


From Sex And Submission.

Zapper Paddle Spanking Movies

This old post on Spanking Blog features two good pictures of an electric zapper paddle spanking in progress:

zapper paddle spanking picture

There’s also a tiny movie clip of the same scene (lots of squealing!) and a link to a femdom gallery of clips where the electric paddle has a big tough man shouting and cursing and curling his toes.

Electric Dildo Orgasms

This is a fun description of a fantasy electrified dildo:

“I’ll show you one way to warm her up until she’s practically percolating in front of you,” Coach Robinson said. “I wired her up over there. I’m not going to do that now. Too much trouble.” He walked to the cabinets. “But here’s something you can use that’ll give you an idea what she was like.”

It was a dildo–a long, pink dildo with shiny metal strips wrapped tightly against the pink latex. It gave the instrument the shape of a strange barber pole.

“Be sure you don’t touch the metal when you switch it on. Hold it here,” Jack said, tapping one finger at the base of the latex prick.

“Man, she’s gonna get one hell of a fuck with this mother, huh?”

David did as he was instructed, holding the dildo carefully in one hand while switching a tiny button on with the other. There was no sound as there had been with the transformer. There were no sparks, nothing to suggest there was anything different going on. But Betty, as she looked down horrified at the thing, knew it was going to hurt her as much as the electrodes had.

David spread her hot, slick pussy lips apart, hesitating for only a moment, then pushing the head of the dildo in.

Betty felt her cuntal muscles spasming down on the invading dildo. The first metal band hadn’t touched her yet. She sucked in air and held her breath until her eyes swam. They would surely kill her with the games they were playing. David twisted more of the dildo in. Betty grunted. Heat flashed up from her crotch to her asshole and nipples, making them throb obscenely. He twisted in another inch. And then the first metal band came in contact with her juicy cuntal flesh.

Betty strained against her bonds, her toes and fingers curling until they cramped. It was like having a million tiny, sharp teeth nibbling into her clit and pussy! She let out the air with a muffled gusting sound as the voltage shot up her cunt. That thing couldn’t possibly have the amperage the transformer had. But there was still enough
electricity to make the woman bounce against her chains. David laughed, fucking yet more of the dildo into her.

He nearly had all nine inches of the thing in her, the metal bands searing the walls of her convulsing pussy. He was making her cum, and cum hard. The electricity was doing crazy things to her cunt. The muscles were contracting, relaxing, then contracting again. Betty wanted to kick her legs free. All she could do was pull them hard against the leather straps and feel the resulting cutting sensation against her ankles.

David started fucking that thing back and forth in long, slow, stroking motions. The voltage increased then decreased, depending on how far he fucked the dildo in and out.

“Hey, Coach, she’s cummin’. I mean, she’s really poppin’ off, and I don’t think she can stop,” David said, pleased with his work.

It’s from an old wank book by Paul Gable, title of Schoolgirl Bondage.

Rain DeGrey’s First Cattle-Prodding

about to zap Rain DeGrey with a cattle prod

At her Dirty Words blog, fetish model Rain DeGrey writes about her first shoot for (this 2008 shoot for the Wired Pussy site) and what it felt like to get zapped with a cattle prod by famous dominatrix Princess Donna:

I was limp putty in her hands. It took her all of 2 seconds to establish control. I quickly found myself stripped naked and down on my hands and knees, while the Princess loomed above me, menacingly holding her trademark cattleprod. Cattleprods are terrifying. Anything designed to get a cow’s attention are brutal on significantly smaller human flesh.

“Now Rain”, said Princess Donna as she slid her small hands slowly up and down the length of the prod, “The rules of this game are very simple. I am going to hit you with this prod, and if you move by so much as an inch, this shoot is canceled and I am done with you. Do you understand me?” A slight smirk danced across her features and those hands continued to toy with the menacing red prod, teasing and confident.

“Yes Princess” I moaned as I crouched on the weird rubbery floor, my skinny ass jutting out waiting for the zap of the prod. The anticipation was the worst, not knowing when it would land, the fear actually making me drool slightly as I concentrated on holding completely still…I wasn’t going to move, I could do this, how hard could it possibly be to hold still?

rain degrey about to be zapped by princess donna with a cattle prod

The jolt of the prod was like being kicked by a horse while being stung simultaneously by bees. I involuntarily lurched forward, pain crackling in all of the nerves in my ass. A short scream escaped my lips. I had failed and moved despite my very best efforts. I heard a disappointed sigh high above me.

“Rain Rain Rain, you can’t even follow the SIMPLEST instructions, can you? I wasn’t asking for much. Honestly, I can’t work with this. This shoot is over. Get your clothes on and get out. I am done with you.”

Though the pain of my throbbing ass, I realized I was being dismissed. I had NO idea that Kink was that strict with the models they worked with. I had obviously not make the grade. The humiliation of being kicked off set and failing Princess Donna was too much for me, and I started to cry, picking up my clothes and getting dressed with shaking hands. I had no idea what to do, was I supposed to go to the main office and inform them my shoot had been canceled? I walked two steps forward, my head down and eyes swimming with barely checked tears, when firm hands grabbed me by my hair and flung me down hard onto the weird rubbery floor.

“Where do you think you are going? I am not done with you! Get back here!” barked the Princess as she towered above me in her heels.

Rain Degray getting zapped on the ass with a cattle prod

Cattle Prod Training For Dirty “Pig”

dirty pig girl trained to perform by shocks from a cattle prod

pig girl doing tricks to avoid horrible shocks from her master\'s electric cattle prod

Another BDSM and electrosex gem from The Pain Files.

Wired Up And Cattle Prodded

It’s a cruel electric interrogation:

cattle prod and electrodes

From ElectroSluts.

The Electric Orgasm Machine

Don’t worry, it’s for science!

woman given endless orgasms in the electric bondage orgasm machine

Art is by Lon Ryden in Invisible Girl, Heroine at Erotic Mad Science.