Rain DeGrey’s First Cattle-Prodding

about to zap Rain DeGrey with a cattle prod

At her Dirty Words blog, fetish model Rain DeGrey writes about her first shoot for Kink.com (this 2008 shoot for the Wired Pussy site) and what it felt like to get zapped with a cattle prod by famous dominatrix Princess Donna:

I was limp putty in her hands. It took her all of 2 seconds to establish control. I quickly found myself stripped naked and down on my hands and knees, while the Princess loomed above me, menacingly holding her trademark cattleprod. Cattleprods are terrifying. Anything designed to get a cow’s attention are brutal on significantly smaller human flesh.

“Now Rain”, said Princess Donna as she slid her small hands slowly up and down the length of the prod, “The rules of this game are very simple. I am going to hit you with this prod, and if you move by so much as an inch, this shoot is canceled and I am done with you. Do you understand me?” A slight smirk danced across her features and those hands continued to toy with the menacing red prod, teasing and confident.

“Yes Princess” I moaned as I crouched on the weird rubbery floor, my skinny ass jutting out waiting for the zap of the prod. The anticipation was the worst, not knowing when it would land, the fear actually making me drool slightly as I concentrated on holding completely still…I wasn’t going to move, I could do this, how hard could it possibly be to hold still?

rain degrey about to be zapped by princess donna with a cattle prod

The jolt of the prod was like being kicked by a horse while being stung simultaneously by bees. I involuntarily lurched forward, pain crackling in all of the nerves in my ass. A short scream escaped my lips. I had failed and moved despite my very best efforts. I heard a disappointed sigh high above me.

“Rain Rain Rain, you can’t even follow the SIMPLEST instructions, can you? I wasn’t asking for much. Honestly, I can’t work with this. This shoot is over. Get your clothes on and get out. I am done with you.”

Though the pain of my throbbing ass, I realized I was being dismissed. I had NO idea that Kink was that strict with the models they worked with. I had obviously not make the grade. The humiliation of being kicked off set and failing Princess Donna was too much for me, and I started to cry, picking up my clothes and getting dressed with shaking hands. I had no idea what to do, was I supposed to go to the main office and inform them my shoot had been canceled? I walked two steps forward, my head down and eyes swimming with barely checked tears, when firm hands grabbed me by my hair and flung me down hard onto the weird rubbery floor.

“Where do you think you are going? I am not done with you! Get back here!” barked the Princess as she towered above me in her heels.

Rain Degray getting zapped on the ass with a cattle prod

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