A TENS On The Nipples: Safe?

Good safety information on electrosex play is very hard to find. Who’s going to do the science? Who’s going to go out on a liability limb for perverts? Nobody. So, what we get is precautionary rules-of-thumb that have the status of holy writ, even though they are based on… well, nobody really knows.

The post I’m linking to is an attempt to do better: to use actual science to figure out what’s safe in above-the-waist electrical play. How good is the result? Well, you’ve got to decide that for yourself, as do we all. Speaking only for myself, I feel that I know more for having read it:

TENS above the waist

Here’s a quote:

Here’s the thing. We’ve all heard the “rule” that you should never play with electricity above the waist. Some people are quite vehement about it.

On the other hand, I’ve never actually heard of above-the-waist electro-play, at least not using electro-stim or TENS units, killing anyone, or even putting them in danger. Medical supply outfits routinely sell TENS (transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation) units for pain relief, and folks put the electrodes in all sort of places, mostly well above the waist. Nobody appears to have ever died from this.

Since for the most part, when we talk of electro-play, we’re really talking about TENS units or electro-stim units that work on fundamentally the same principle, this seems to fly in the face the oft-quoted advice. Somehow, if there was, I’d expect that somewhere along the line, at least some of the vast numbers of vanillas with a TENS unit and no clue about electricity or physiology would have managed to fry themselves by now.

Science and math follow. From the conclusion:

Short of stabbing probes into your flesh, you’re not going to get a heart-stopping current from a TENS unit, no matter where you put the electrodes. And it’s probably going to get too painful to take before that happens.

Again, not endorsing the conclusion; only you can make life/death decisions for yourself. But there’s a good chance that if you read this, you’ll be better informed than you were before.

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