Cattle Prod Makes Hot Scene

I had a HOT HOT HOT scene with a young soldier who is now finished his two tours with the US Army and wore his uniform to Sin City last night.

Realizing he had no underwear on under his camouflage pants was disappointing to me as I wanted him out of the pants and bent over a spanker with his bottom and inner thighs available for me to use. Quickly I realized that I must find a way to save the day.

Grabbed a roll of packing tape and proceeded to quickly tape his military cap over his cock and balls and another over his ass to keep everything tucked away. Presto and instantly he was naked of ALL of his uniform, even socks and boots. With his boy bits covered in a hat and tape suddenly I had a very masculine canvas infront of me to layer sensations on.

Yummy and lucky Jennifer.

For a very long time, I did things to him that I’m fairly confident, he’d never had done to him before. His body lit up like a fireworks display as I shot electricity from my cattle prod into his ass and sensitive inner thigh region. In fact, just holding the cattle prod over his cock and touching the toy to his scrotum made him shiver and quiver, it was magnificent, watching the beads of sweat roll off his brow and down his blindfolded face.


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