Cattle Prod Fun

The cattle prod is so much fun. I really dig it. Suzzi absolutely hates it. She could be totally fine if that toy was never ever introduced into our sessions ever again. She once told me that she was going to break it, throw it in the dumpster. Go ahead I told her, I’ll just get another one, and then we’ll have our real, first ever, cattle prod session. Unstead of just a few playful zaps like I’ve given her in the past, we’ll actually have a full cattle prod session. Yes! How many playful zaps have I given her in the past at one time in one session? I don’t know, over a hundred. The cattle prod does leave a mark, where the electrodes hit her on the back of the legs and the ass, a little dot is left, half the diameter of a time. Cattle prod burn marks. I’ve covered her with those little dots.

When I purchased my cattle prod, I couldn’t find them in Tractor Supply Co. I looked everywhere, I figured they’d be right next to the riding crops, whips, single tail, dressage whips, etc. That really seemed like the logical place to have the cattle prods, right next to the other implements of pain infliction upon livestock. Made sense to me.

I finally had to ask an employee of the store. A 19 year old girl with a huge ass in way too tight Wrangler jeans and a rodeo belt buckle the size of a dinner plate was stocking shelves. Excuse me miss, where do you have the cattle prods. Oh, she says, in the animal health department, I’ll show you. Duh. Silly me. Of course they’re kept in the animal health dept., zapping those cows makes them healthier. I tell her all this, she doesn’t get my failed attempt at sarcastic humor. She leads me to them. I check them out, they have nice selection, the red $59.99 one, the blue $79.99 one, and the green $99.99 one. The green one is the one with the sticker that says the most powerful cattle prod made, works even on wet livestock! Each one has a sticker, “Warning! Keep away from children! For livestock only! Not to be used on Humans!”

I ask her if she has any that are ok to be used on people. Totally clueless, she says she doesn’t think so, she thinks I’m joking. Poor girl, either she hasn’t developed a kinky side yet or never will. Probably the latter, she does not even suspect I’m serious. Oh well, I get the green one.

I’m checking out, paying, and another guy who works there tells me that they’ve banned them at the fair this year. Yep, he says, can’t use that a the fair, this year is the first time ever, if that’s what you’re planning, he tells me. No problem, I say, not going to the fair. Not going to the county fair, he asks. No, I’m taking my boy tomorrow to ride the rides and check things out. Well why ain’t you showing your animals? He want’s to know. I don’t have a ranch, I tell him, the cattle prod is for my girlfriend. He gives me a look, he knows I’m not kidding.

Back at my shop, I check it out, its pretty cool. I don’t want to kill Suzzi. I put in the special Hot Shot brand batteries, made especially for cattle prods the package claims. Hmm, wonder if they’re as good as duracell I ponder as I load them up. Gotta try it on myself first. I want to make sure its not really going to fuck her up. I do not want to kill the woman, just torture her. I set down, don’t want it to knock me on my ass when I zap myself. I pull up my pant leg, I’m going to zap myself right on the back of the calf. I figure I can’t really get myself on the ass with it, too long, gotta be the back of the calf. I know its going to hurt, a lot. Its designed to be used on cattle. They have really thick skin, for crying out loud, they make leather gloves and jackets and chaps out of cow skin. Their skin is a lot tougher than mine. Not to mention the fact that they have a thick layer of cow hair. Its going to hurt me a whole lot more than it hurts a cow. I press the button, its so hard to do when you have no idea of how much its going to hurt, I hit it against my leg. Nothing. Try again. Nothing. Again, nothing.

Goddamnit! I take it apart, what the hell is the matter with this thing, simple , press the button and supposed to be a zap. I see. The cattle prod consists of a power pack that contains the batteries, and a 4 foot long wand with the prongs, the business end. The wand has electrodes sticking out of it, that go inside the power pack, it plugs in and screws down tight. Only problem is the 10 year old girls that assembled it in the prison labor camp in China fucked it all up and bent the prongs I think. Nope, I check out the label, made in Tennessee, USA. Fucking hillbillies, bent all the prongs, I get my needle nose pliers to straighten out the prongs and assemble it properly. Fuck! Trying to straighten the prongs I bust one, flush with where it comes out of the plastic. Brand new $99.99 cattle prod assembled improperly, I try to fix it and bust it. Of course, I tossed the receipt in the trash as I left the store. Its 9:00 pm at night and I’ve got an 8:00 am appointment to see Suzzi.

Naturally, I’m prepared for just such an emergency. The wand that came with the cattle prod is a 4 foot wand, and the power pack being 18 inches, gives a total length of 5′-6″. Just right when you want to reach out and touch someone. Not so good to fit in a BDSM toy bag though. Gotta have a bit of stealth, don’t wanna be seen coming and going at Suzzi’s apartment complex with a cattle prod, I also purchased an 18″ wand. I plug it in and now we’re cooking with gas. I press the button, great, it makes a high pitched noise when its charged up. Yes! Zap myself on the back of the calf, fuck it really hurts. It hurts a lot.

The thing I like most about the cattle prod is I don’t even have to use it at all. Just get it out, take off the safety, and jab her with it. She knows its not energized, she doesn’t hear the sound that means business. It still affects her though. Today for instance, I had out the cattle prod. Jab her with it, she starts freaking out. I talk to her when I’m doing it. It tell her she recently asked to be punished. She had misinterpreted something I wrote, and freaked. She apologized later. Said she needed to be punished for freaking out. No problem. She thinks she’s getting the cattle prod, and soon, after just a few touches with it, no zap, just being poked with the business end and she’s crying hysterically in the fetal position in the corner.

She had asked me to promise her once to never do three things. Promise me you’ll never cattle prod me when I’m in the hood under sensory deprivation, can’t see, can’t hear, I can’t take the cattle prod like that she begs. I refuse to. Promise me you’ll never zap me on the bottom of the feet she asks. No, I tell her. Promise me you’ll never zap me directly on the pussy with the cattle prod, she pleads. I will not make to you a promise I won’t keep, I tell her.

A couple of month after purchasing the cattle prod, I stop in to see her just to say hello. Not enough time for a session, I tell her, just a quick pop in to say hi. We hang out for a half hour, I tell her I have to split. She asks me if I have enough time for a cattle prod session. She hates the fucking thing. She really hates the fucking thing. I look at her. She’s serious. Only in the hood, I tell her, total sensory deprivation. She pauses, looks down at her feet for a moment. She looks up, directly into my eyes she looks, OK she says.

Up we go to the playroom. Hood on, can’t see, can’t hear, has no idea what’s coming or when. I play around, sticking her with the cattle prod when its de-energized, she’s freaking. Time to start, I zap the shit out of her, over and over and over. After about the hundredth zap, something grazes my ear. Karate girl has nearly been unleashed. She’s sobbing, trying to hold onto the rope, she’s unrestrained, and has just tried to hit me. Hard. Honey, do you need to be restrained, do you need to be strung up in inescapable bondage before we continue our cattle prod session? Please, she begs. I suspend her from the eyehooks and proceed. Half an hour later, I release her, we’re sitting on her bed, I’m holding her. I kiss her deeply. I kiss her again, and tell her to put her foot on the cattle prod, the bottom of her foot, the sole. She does repeatedly and kisses me passionately, over and over.


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