His Girl Enjoys The Cattle Prod

Him? Not so much:

We had a great time, we met a lady who runs an alternative sex education resource. We’ve seen her a number of times before and said hi but last night we more or less got busted… We literally crashed into each other out side the dungeon and well with her being topless etc etc.. Anyway she had the coolest toy, a cattle prod. She was giving consenting people a little zap and girly almost had to tackle her to give it a try. She obliged and girly let out a scream and then asked for more, and more and more…. The lady asked me if I’d like to try and I had to admit that I’m a sissy, chicken, coward when it comes to pain. She smiled and said Oh come on.. how bad can it be if your girl liked it so….. anyway… Shit I don’t like cattle prods, I got zapped on the back of the calf and I thought my whole leg would fall off.

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