Trying Out A Cattle Prod

Jennifer, our class facilitator, mentor, instructor and generally amazing sex educator, had a new toy…an electric cattle prod. Now I have this thing with electricity. It likes me. I mean, it really likes me. My muscles react way over the top whenever I come into contact with it. Apparently, it’s due to a high salt content in my blood. Weird, but true. In any case, it means I conduct really, really well, so electrical stimulation is INTENSE.
So there I was, laid out on the carpet in a warm room, wrapped from shoulders to toes in clingy, clear plastic film, and blind-folded. Jennifer’s voice drifted over towards me. She was speaking to the pair of women next to me.
“Do you know what I have with me? It’s my cattle prod.” Anxiety tightens my belly muscles, and my breathing hitches a bit. I’m right beside them. Next in line. For a force I’m so fearful of. But I know nothing will happen unless I say “Yes. Yes, I can handle that.”

I feel warmth drape itself along my right side; Jennifer has snuggled up beside me, her presence lending me strength.“Put your head on my arm”, she instructs. I feel a little foolish, but I slide a bit more towards her, and rest my neck against the crook of her left arm. I relax into her warmth, and the tension in my body begins to ease. It is peaceful lying beside her.
A hand brushes against the only opening cut into my pallet-wrap cocoon—earlier my upper thighs and crotch were bared to the whims of my partner. It is on that delicate inner thigh I feel a warm hand, holding cool plastic, stop. “I’ll do her right here, on the upper thigh.”

Then…bzzzzt! Air whooshes out of my lungs and I jackknife in a ‘v’. Muscles spasm from sternum to right knee. “Huhhhhh”, I manage, eloquently. Heart trip-hammering in my chest, breath huffing and puffing in gasps.

“You did it! You survived!” Laughter in Jennifer’s voice; joyous ribbing at my reaction. A whisper in my ear: “It’s really quite the mind fuck, isn’t it?” I nod once, not yet trusting myself to speak. A few moments of stunned amazement, then a grin begins to appear on my face.


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