New TENS Toy

My friend M gave me something cool and spiffy for my birthday – a TENS unit. It had been on backorder for a while, but at AEL last night she was finally able to give it to me. Of course, I couldn’t resist putting it together and playing with it during the meeting. So as M was talking about how to do a proper lap dance, I had two gel electrodes attached to my arms and was busily fiddling with the controls. I was being careful, but even so I nearly jolted myself hard enough to drop the damn thing in my lap (fortunately, I didn’t).

Short review – I like. Very controllable sensory input toy. It can range from a mild tingle to a muscle contractingly painful jolt…with different frequencies and patterns. I can see lots of possibilities for this. At one point, I had it on a setting on my arm that I am pretty sure would have caused me to orgasm fairly quickly if I had left it running. Hopefully I can duplicate this sometime when it would not be embaressingly inappropriate. Definitely more experimentation is in order.


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