Sally’s Story (TENS action)

Master spread the lips of Sally’s pussy wide, and attached a set of electrodes to each side. Apart from a couple of short trials, this was one area which Master and slave had not really explored. He attached each electrode to the Ten’s unit which sat close by. As he turned on the current, Sally felt a sharp tingling in her pussy. With each pulse of current, her pussy jumped and her whole body reacted. The chains on her nipple clamps tightened as her body writhed and twisted. “Be still my slave,” Master ordered. “Every time you move it will be worse for you. Do you understand?” Sally nodded and tightened the grip on the bit in her mouth to stop reacting. “Good slave”, Master said. Again and again the current throbbed through her pussy. Her butt jumped and the plug moved deeper into the hole. Such ecstasy. Sally thought she would explode with each pulse, but let her mind relax and soar above the pain. Soon she was not feeling pain, just sheer pleasure.


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