Via Bondage Blog comes the exciting word that Kink.com is starting up a new electrosex site at Electrosluts.com called Bobbi Star presents Electrosluts: Real Girls, Real Orgasms, Real Shocking. With a low price point, 3 updates a week, and live shows twice a month, it should be a lot of fun for electrosex fiends like us!

worried looking electroslut realizes she\'s standing in two buckets of water that are wired for electricity

Bobbi Star writes:

Looking like she just stepped out of a dorm room, AnnaBelle Lee looks too innocent to try her hand at lesbian BDSM under my thumb. I start her off with a basic lesson in electricity, putting her feet in buckets of water, showing her that water can shock her when I want it to.

But that’s just the foreplay, as I overwhelm her senses with shocks to her thighs. Then I strip off her skirt and hose her down with cold water, making her that much more conductive for even more electrical play.

She’s so sweet and obedient (not that she has much choice!) that I decide to reward her by turning up the electricity and forcing a mind-shattering orgasm out of her with the help of every girl’s beloved Magic Wand.

electroslut screams and writhes in her bondage as her dominatrix turns up the juice that\'s running up her legs and through her pussy

Images come from this photoshoot. Right now it looks like the site is technically in prelaunch mode, with an advertised launch date of February 29th if I’m reading it right. Of course Electrosex Blog will keep you informed!

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