Happily Zapping His Penis

A fun electrosex moment from Red Sneaker Dairies:

“Do it again.” I implore him, breathlessly. The Hitachi is buzzing hard against the panties sheathing my pubic mound. I am close – so damned close – and I have been for a minute or two and it’s hard as fuck to stay on that edge.

He takes the zappy toy and carefully brings it closer to his cock. The two prongs hit his shaft and he jumps. His cock bobs and surges.

“The head. Zap the head.” I say – not really commanding, more begging.

He brings the toy to his cock again, aiming the prongs at the soft pink head. As they contact – just for a second – he convulses and twitches and grins so widely as he brings a hand to himself in a gesture of protection.

“Please, just once more.”

And he does. Again and again…

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