Electric Nipples For A Slavegirl

I suppose it’s inevitable that philosophies will differ on whether to use electricity in the training of slavegirls:

I turned around and found myself facing a short, dark-skinned man
with a black mustache. With a friendly smile, he stretched out
his right hand and said: “I’m Tony. This wench is mine. Isn’t she
a real sweetheart?”

“Oh yes, indeed,” I agreed as we shook hands. “I haven’t seen
anything like her in the market for quite a while. Where did you
get her from?”

“From the hands of the E&L guys. Those bustards! They would have
wasted her. The day I went there, they had her hanging from the
ceiling, her hands tied behind the back and drawn up and all
that. And they tied a cement block to her big toes. Man, it
looked like they were going to break her arms and ruin her for
good. When I got there they had a pair of damn big alligator
clamps on her nipples. They wired them up, and a guy was giving
her electric shocks through the tits. The poor babe was jerking
like a fish out of water. Man, you never heard a girl screaming
like that!”

“Good God! Did they really do that to you?” I turned to the

“Yes, sir,” she answered briefly. Her voice was noticeably shak-
ing with terror at the memory.

“Why did they do that?” I asked Tony, truly unable to imagine the
necessity to torture this sweet and helpless girl in such a
horrifying way.

“It turned out some big brothel wanted to buy her, and they were
only softening her up for the johns. Damn fools! I told them they
were ruining genuine crystal to make a piece of glass. And I told
them the best thing they could do by beating her up was to turn
her into a bitch just like those,” Tony pointed at the sexy
blondes chained next to Stephanie.

“That’s true,” I agreed sincerely.

“Yeah! I could see at the first sight this babe was something
special. High-class stuff; you know what I mean? She deserves
better than that. So I made them a better offer and took her
home. I trained her myself. It didn’t take too much hard work.
She’s a real good girl. Aren’t you, sweetie?” He turned to the
slavegirl and started rubbing the back of his hand against one of
her nipples.

From Stephanie In The Slave Market by Sir Kevin.

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