Sorority Pledge Electrotorture And Humiliation

From Pledging Omega by Blair:

Having an older sister a current member of Omega house Patrice thought would save her some of the humiliation associated with Hell Week. She was wrong.

The door opened and Patrice carefully stepped out “dressed” as a witch. Her brown hair had been dyed coal black. On top of her head she wore the traditional witches hat. It was what was underneath the hat that made her wince as she walked. The computer geeks, for the small price of seeing some initiation pictures of the current class of Omega pledges, had built a small electronic device that, every time it shifted off center, would generate a small electric shock. Hidden in her hair and inside her skimpy costume the thin wires had been cruelly twisted around each of Patrice’s nipples.

A third wire ran down the side of her costume. There was some debate as to where this should lead, her pussy or her asshole. It was agrees that an Omega couldn’t be cumming all over herself in public so it should be inserted in her asshole. The sisters wanted to make sure it wouldn’t come out so it was super glued into her crack after fully 8 inches were inserted in her rectum.

Her body was barely covered in black leather. The outfit was a single piece of leather consisting of a skirt the same length as Megan’s elf skirt. Like the other three pledges, panties were omitted from her costume.

The top band of the skirt was much lower however. Form hem to the top the “skirt” measured no more than 12 inches. It’s only purpose was to cover Patrice’s puss when standing. Any bending of any kind and the pledge would flash all who were looking at her.

Patrice’s footwear consisted of thigh high black leather boots with 6 inch stiletto heels. The sisters wanted to ensure maximum movement and shifting on the pledges part to shock herself. To add to this they had poured oil in to the boots. Patrice not only had to concentrate on balancing on the severe heels but also to not have her feet shift inside the boots.

She had already fallen twice parading in front of the sisters. They laughed at Patrice as she yelped and fell to the ground. Both her tits had popped out and she hurriedly covered them back up, all the while getting a continual shock on her nipples and in her rectum. Her nipples were yanked hard by the wires when she fell, adding greatly to her humiliating pain. A hard slap on her exposed behind hurried her back to her feet. Enduring 6 days of spankings made her jump at the chance to avoid further attention to that area.

Though the geeks had told the sisters Patrice would only receive a mild annoying shock, what they actually did was put a much stronger battery in the device. Omega’s never paid attention to them, and Patrice would get to pay the price for their attitude.

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