Intense Electroplay With TENS

In another first, I played with a couple of TENS units with a fabulous couple. Such an interesting feeling not being able to control your muscle contractions as normal. I have never squealed or squeaked during a scene, but this elicited the loudest unbidden squeaks and squeals I’ve ever done. Wow.

There is so much more that can be done, than what I felt comfortable with on this first introductory session. So many new sensations. An undulating of the muscle fibers contracting, depending on how they were placed.

Unfortunately there was a couple of them that had me saying “that’s a bad feeling.” It might’ve been the intensity at which they’d increased the pads before moving them, but those felt mostly like I was being deeply scraped or cut. Though, of course, I don’t have any marks. Just tired muscles from their extended electro-stimulated workout. Perhaps the cutting feeling resulted, as in playing with a violet wand, perhaps the smaller surface area – and maybe the decreased pad lubrication and therefore conductivity wearing out, increasing the intensity of the feeling. Hmm.


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