Pleasure From The Electric Stun Pen

On the night of the true “test,” Dante also wanted to FINALLY try out the “stun pen” (“cattle prod”).

I pulled off my jammies and lay face down on the bed as Dante sat back in a semi-easy chair.

The first few tests swipes of the paddle were not very hard, but they left a solid impression. He opted to warm me up with other toys first so that I could more fully “appreciate” all the paddle had to offer. Although I was nervous about the cattle prod, Dante’s nervousness made mine pale in comparison. He was terrified… not so much of shocking me, but of being shocked in the process. His terror made me giggle hysterically and this broke the ice considerably for both of us.

It had been a long, long time… far too long. But the longer he took on the warm-up and the more he teased and joked about the stun pen, the funnier everything was and soon we were both laughing uproariously, despite the rapidly building fire in my ass and thighs. And then it happened… out of nowhere, like a lightning bolt straight from the sky, I was zapped.

I felt like I’d been stung by the biggest, meanest bee in the world… but then the sensations changed and I felt warmth, glowing intensity. I still can’t find the words to adequately or even accurately describe the sensations, but it was AWESOME!!!!! He shocked my hip at first, then my ass, then my back, my legs, my shoulders, my arms. He kept alternating shocks with spanks and then that paddle came back into play.


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