“Pee Hole” Electrosex

Given the “Penthouse Letters” tone and “who gives a shit” approach to safety issues, I wouldn’t bank on the overall veracity of this account. But it’s a strange world, so who knows?

I have a folsom unit, an electronic torture device. There is an attachment for the cunt, a palm sized palm shaped piece of plastic with two electrode strips down each size. Put it on the pussy and the current goes from one electrode through one cunt lip, out through the other cunt lip and back to the other electrode. Suzzi says its more intense than the cattle prod, at just the halfway setting. Just wait til it gets turned all the way up baby. It also works great on the clit, one electrode on each size and turn it on and she’s screaming. I have a couple of other attachments as well, an electrical cathedar for inserting in the pee hole, and a little silver ball on the end of a flexible stick. It can go inside the ass.

Just finished fisting Suzzi. Great session. Sessions always kick ass, slave cunt Suzzi always gives me everything. I pull my fist out of her cunt, spread her a little with two fingers, is that your pee hole I ask. Yea, it is she says, I finger it a bit. Ok, lay right there, let me get something. I bust out the folsom unit, what are you doing she asks. Going to torture you some more I say. I get out the urethral electrode. Where’s that going she wants to know. Up your peehole I say. You’re not putting that in there. Its too big. Its made for a man. Where’d you get that? Mr. S I say, see, it is made for a man, too big for me she says. Its about the diameter of a pencil, maybe a bit bigger and 8 inches long. No she says, I can’t take it. Shut the fuck up and spread your legs I tell her. Of course she does.

Is that in your pee hole I ask, its in about half inch. Oh yes, it hurts, that’s enough she says. No baby, only about 7 inches to go. I get about 6 inches in total, then hit a wall. I guess its the sphincter that keeps the urine from coming out the bladder. I’m sure there’s a doctor’s term for it, I call it the pee-holder-inner muscle. Doctors call it something else, they probably even call the taint a perinium. It was funny when Suzzi said the word perinium. I told her only doctors and women used that word. Dudes call it a taint. Similar for vagina, or koochie, or tutu, or whatever other people call a cunt. Its either a pussy or a cunt, unless you’re a doctor or a chick don’t mislabel it. Should I keep going another inch. No thats enough. For now anyway. It hurts she says. Good I say. It burns she says, its really uncomfortable she says. Great baby. I can’t imagine having something nearly as big around as my pinky finger inside my cock 6 inches would be feel good, ya know. Ok, hold it there, while I put the ball probe up your ass. Don’t let it come out, I tell her while I’m fumbling and bumbling with the ass probe. That’s not my ass she says. Oops, let me try again. That’s not my ass either, gotta be taint. Nope, too low she says, come up a little, there, ouch, ok now its going in. About 4 inches in. Ok, sweetheart, don’t let these slip out while I hook up the wires. 5 minutes of trying to untangle them, finally hooked up, all right baby lets start out at max amplitude and go from there. She gives me the look. Ok, start out small and work up to it. I turn it on and turn up the jolt level. Ok that hurts, a lot she says. Shut the fuck up I tell her. I turn it up more, oh god, its causing contractions in my uterus, I can feel them, she’s twitching in rythum with the impulse from the folsom unit.

Ok, now lets increase the frequency, give you more zaps per second. A few more minutes of that. Next time I think I’ll bury the cathetar, all the way into the bladder. Wonder if she’ll leak piss. But hopefully she’ll feel the electricity deeper into her body, getting zapped from inside the asshole to the piss sack. Ok enough she says, I gotta piss. No take it bitch. No really, I’m going to pee she says, we don’t want to wet the bed. Voice of reason takes hold, ok, slowly take it out. Out pops the anal probe and off she runs to pee. Now it burns when I pee she says. Good I tell her. We clean up and go eat lunch. Back at her place two hours later, she has to pee again. Still burns now when I pee she says. Great baby, hopefully it will feel that way all day, hopefully tomorrow too, so you’ll remember me. She smiles.


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