Report On An Electric Sex Demo

The (cleaned, lubricated) bipolar plug was inserted and hooked up to the second channel. As the voltage was increased through the plug this caused the muscles to contract and release; the end result was that the plug moved in and out, effectively fucking the volunteer. As the voltage increased the strength of the movement increased (“Too hard!” “Do you want it to stop?” “…No”). Various combinations of intensities of the plug and the pads were played with. The volunteer’s partner was given the controls and both people seemed to be enjoying themselves immensly.

After cleanup the demonstration moved onto the male subject. An electro-band was tightened around the scrotal sack (tight! The balls apparently have a habit of trying to retreat when electricity is applied) and a cock ring placed around the penis head. As voltage was applied we could see the cock bouncing as muscles contracted. Again stimulation changed as voltage changed.

[ Personal aside: this is another area where frequency changes things a lot. At a very high frequency and voltage it causes me to have a very hard erection and can almost be enough to make me want to ejaculate through that feeling alone, but if too high can be painful… the change between the two points is very subtle! ]

Next (after removing these) a sparkler was introduced into the urethra (and held in place; apparently it’s common for these to jump out when voltage is applied) and a probe introduced to the rectum. Again the effects of the play changed from pleasant to painful as the controls were changed. Another volunteer was given the TENS controls and we saw how moving the anal probe affected the victim. In particular the probe came out, causing a painful “ouch!”. Electro-toys can “bite” when inserted/removed, so it’s normally a good idea to reduce the power before doing this.


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