The Electric Light And Shock Show

This sounds like fun:

One of the other interesting toys he had was a laptop hooked up to a blindfold that looks like a pair of sunglasses. Inside are LED-looking lights. And also hooked up to the laptop is a box for electricity, which special sticky pads can be hooked into…and then these pads are stuck onto your skin. What happens then is, a music file can be played on the laptop, and the sound gets interpreted as light patterns in the glasses, as well as shocks via the pads on your skin. So as you’re shocked, your muscles start twitching and things…to the beat of the music, as you get an interesting lightshow going on through your eyelids (you have to keep your eyes closed while it’s on).

After watching someone else try it out first, I decided to be adventurous and see how it was. He asked if I’d ever heard of this or that group, some fairly obscure-sounding things, to which I mentioned I listen mostly to rock. He says he has some Who, AC/DC… I thought The Who sounded like an interesting idea. And yeah, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” gave an interesting lightshow.

And let me tell you, you’ll never be more aware of the soft/loud dynamics in a song than when those dynamics are being interpreted into softer or harder shocks of electricity, lol. For demonstration purposes, he placed pads only on people’s arms…but suggested breasts and things might be interesting places to put them. I can only imagine…being tied up, being bombarded with sound and light and sensation…the latter two playing off of the former.

Also, while he had the music playing through speakers so everyone could hear, the demo-subject was also listening through headphones. The effect is almost like sensory deprivation, being unable to hear or see anything going on arround you…except that at the same time you’re being bombarded with sensory information. Would definately be something fun to combine with bondage.


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