Playing With Master’s Taser Gun

Owie, a taser, the kind with the wires and darts and everything:

He mentioned his taser / stun gun. I had never played with one, though I have heard of people playing with them. I had felt a taster handheld of about 10K on my legs a few years back so was not feeling very scared. I did ask if I could fire the gun when he brought it out and said he wanted to shot me with it. He said No and I thought he was just being un accompanying to my desires. I found out later that the type of gun that he uses only has the one cartridge and it would have to be replaced if I did fire it.
I was sitting on the carpet next to the mattress. I had on my corset and He made sure that I had my hands to my side. I had a little hesitance when He asked me if I was ready and I said No. I had closed my eyes for a moment and then felt the pain. In a second I was thrown back onto the mattress and felt my body on fire from the inside out. There was pain form my chest out and I could feel the sparks flowing through my arms as I was trying to curl them in pain. I don’t know if I screamed or yelled, but I was also aware that I had lost my bladder control.
The pain stopped and I was just breathing, laying on the mattress. I don’t know what was said, perhaps he had asked me how it felt, or what I thought of it. He told me that he was going to do it to me again, as he wanted. I think I mentioned that I had lost my bladder control, making sure that that wasn’t going to make the pain worse. The second shock I ended up rolling off of the bed and do remember screaming near the end and certainly when it was over as I was still in pain.


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