Electric Slave Girl

Today has been so far a wonderful day, i woke up this morning and was thrilled to roll over and give Master a good morning blow job. i could not even begin to imagine what the day might hold since W/we had all day here with MT and FG and there was nothing to stop U/us from playing anytime Master wished to play.

Master is still very very pleased with His zapper thingy. i think He loves the way His slave will jump and scream and beg and fall to the floor and beg and … yes Y/you get the point. Master has had me all over the floor with that thing.

At one point today – Master had me taken into the dungeon by MT and MT put me up on the hoist so that just the balls of my feet touched the floor. i had to wait there for Master to come to begin tormenting me. Of course Master was thrilled to see just how much of the zapper i can handle without being able to fall to the floor crawl and get away. He has discovered that under my arms and the backs of my knees will drive me totally out of my mind. i can not thing with He starts with that thing. i am in sub-space so quickly. i can not understand it. that thing hurts, yet when Master finishes i am soaked, i didnt cum with that thing, but i am so wet that i am confused by my own body.


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