Electric Zapping A Sore Spanked Bottom

She tied my wrists in rope coils and then tied the ends to a another rope tied around the head of my matress. Unfortunately, I don’t have bedposts, but our method works pretty good. She tied me face down. Then she warmed me up with a rabbit-fur paddle. It’s a nice warm-up toy because one side is covered in leather and one side is covered in fur. It feels sooo nice when she runs it all over my skin, especially my breasts. So, anyway, she beat my ass and thighs with that for a while before moving on to the rough stuff.

Once I was sufficiently pinked up, she went at me with her long-handled metal shoehorn. That thing is evil! Sometimes I hiss at her when she takes it out, which also earns me a flick on the nose. Jenn knows where to find the best medical pervertibles. What’s a pervertible, you say? Well, it’s an ordinary, non-kinky object that you can use for BDSM play. But anyhow, this thing is long and metal and hurts like mad. Humph.

Jenn also caned me and paddled me some more and spanked me. When my poor bum couldn’t take anymore, she took out her hand-held electrical zapper and zapped me in very sensitive, vulnerable places. She is such an evil bitch! I told her that and she laughed with delight.


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