Naughty Fun With Antique Carnival Attractions

At a wonderful place called Marvelous Marvin’s Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, MI, there’s a plethora of amazing old carnival games including one particular “fun” one. It’s an old “test of strength” machine with a animated mechanical life-sized man in the booth and two metal orbs. The object is to hold on to the orbs as long as you can as it send low amperage electricity through your hands via the orbs as it verbally taunts you. Now here’s where the fun begins:

1) Put in your two quarters
2) Grab a loved one (or a reasonable facsimile)
3) Each grab one orb but don’t touch each other
4) Moisten your own lips
5) As the jolts begin…kiss

It will be one of the most electrifying kisses you may have had since your first. Only the daring will use tongue…


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