Testing The Folsom Box Electro-Stimulation Device

The first one we tried, the Folsom Box, is an electro-stimulation unit that attaches to a variety of toys, such as dildos, buttplugs and cock-rings. It’s essentially a TENS unit, such as would be used for physical therapy, but the intensity of the zap can be adjusted, as well as the rhythm and frequency, with the turn of a few knobs. It looks all scientific and scary, but I only hesitated for a split second before I grabbed hold. I started out on the lowest setting, but I had to up the intensity just to see what it would feel like. And it was intense! The shock made my muscles contract involuntarily, and quite strongly. But it wasn’t too much, and it felt good. I’d definitely like to explore this toy further.
The other toy, the Violet Wand, is even more scary and scientific looking than the first. It consists of a handheld electrical unit, and many differently shaped blown-glass attachments that can be interchanged. The Violet Wand glows orange ( I thought it would be purple) and makes a humming, buzzing noise. When I touched it to my skin, it made little crackling static noises. It feels pretty good, in a pin-prickly way, much different than the deep muscular contractions of the Folsom box. It didn’t burn my skin, but it sure did fry my little blond arm hairs. It’s a very interesting sensation device, and could be terrifying in the context of a scene.


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