Testing The E-Box E-Stim Device

This is just a short excerpt from an amazingly detailed product review and testing report:

We then tried adusting the frequency, power and rate one at a time and in small increments, and I made a mental note of the settings that evoked the most pleasing responses…

“Oooh, that one” *gasp* “Mmmmm. Leave it there on that setting for a while longer. Please” *hands clenched together, lower lip sucked in between teeth*

“It’s prickly and spiky, but thrusting. As if you were pushing a dildo covered in little blunted spikes in and out of me. It’s quite nice actually… Mmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Then we switched over to the “continuous” mode where the TENS pulses no longer come in waves, but are continuous and only the power and frequency dials have any effect. Some setting on continuous had some pleasing effects too:

“Oh, My, GOD! That feels like” *intake of breath* “I’m being pinned down to the bed and a” *moan* “giant. metal. cock. is being slowly rammed into me and I feel like I can’t move my hips! Oh God, that’s good!” *moans*

But on the whole, we agreed that Burst mode was much more fun, while continuous mode would be good for varying the sensations.

Finally, Am plucked up the courage and asked me to try it on “Manual” mode.

“Little one. I’m going to pick a setting that you’ve said you really liked, and then trigger that on manual on a lower power. Are you ready?”

She nodded.

I pressed the “fire” button, holding it down for a second or so.

Her head lifted up off the pillow and her mouth opened into a circle.

She gasped, and her head fell back onto the pillow as I released the button.

“Good?” I asked.

“Did you turn that down? It was REALLY powerful”.

“Yes, that was on about half of what you were taking earlier. Want to try again?”

“Please. A little more power?”

I turned the power knob up and pressed fire again.

She clenched her hands together and again her head came up of the pillow with a gasp.

The power went back up again to maximum and I pressed the button very breifly.

Am gave a yelp and then came, shaking as she did so.


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